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At our coaching academy, you gain 2 beautiful coaching credentials endorsed by the International Coaching Federation for the price of 1!

Gain A Business Success Coach Certification Coupled With The Life, Leadership, or Wellness Concentration of Your Choice.

Not only will you learn how to run a successful business and help others do the same but you will also become masterful in an additional area of expertise that makes you proud, in order to have your business stand out amongst the crowd.


Our Feature Graduates

Here is what some of our Certified Coaches are up to.

Love Notes:

Enrolling in Master Coach has been the biggest win and blessing for me over the past year! This opportunity came to me in such a divinely orchestrated manner. I’ll always be grateful for being a Master Coach student, for everything I’ve learned and how I’ve grown whilst embarking on this journey. 

The biggest win I’ve seen is that since doing this program my own confidence has grown, I am much more relaxed in large groups of people, I’ve pushed myself in terms of the types of clients I will see and I reach out to people no matter how big they are confidently and with ease.

 One of the most impactful parts of this program was the mastermind section. I learned so much coaching wise and about myself and my business from those women and saw how we are all going through similar things as entrepreneurs.

 It seems like a small thing but from this program I learned to celebrate my wins and have been able to pass this valuable practice onto all my clients too. When I started my coaching journey I was adamant I wouldn’t coach men and whilst doing this program I have become more flexible in my approach and have signed fantastic male clients! It’s such a win for me to know that I am helping people and when I see my clients reaching goals or experiencing their wins I get so excited! One of my actress clients meets all her financial targets and since working with me, she’s more confident for auditions and has booked some very big jobs with big celebrities and I am so inspired by how she continues to work on herself and chase her dream. I have a very high achieving client and after her three month program with me she said the biggest win for her is that she can now rest. She doesn’t feel guilty, she's at ease and at peace which is what she’s always wanted. 

This program has helped me to be a better coach so that I could help people reach their goals and become better versions of themselves and getting the feedback of “ You give me hope to push through “ or “ I’ve achieved this goal because speaking to you helped me so much “ is what pushes me to show up and be the best I can be so I can continue to support people in their lives.

 I would recommend this program to everyone because it’s so well rounded and easy to do from your phone or laptop, the team is so supportive and you get so many resources that other programs don’t offer you at all! Thank you Dr. S and the whole team for this incredible experience and pushing me to believe that I could do what I’m doing. 

Curriculum Overview

Become a Masterful Certified Coach in 4 months! Explore our core principles below.

Did you know that Entrepreneurs are the primary consumers of coaching? As Business Owners ourselves, we know the importance of building a team of support around our work in order to foster success. This includes having coaches by our side each and every day. For this reason, EVERY Master Coach student will acquire the foundational skill of working with and supporting Entrepreneurs holistically  using the Science of Goal Achievement. 

In our program's first quarter, you'll dive into this foundational aspect of coaching that drives both personal and professional success, especially in businesses. Learn theories and principles of goal setting, motivation, behavior change, and positive psychology.

Develop the skills to help clients set realistic goals, create actionable plans, and stay motivated.

Apply this knowledge to both entrepreneurial and business organizations so that they can achieve objectives, strategically plan, and measure progress. Unlock the potential for remarkable success and fulfillment through the science of goal achievement in quarter one.


Master the science of goal achievement.


Specialize and excel as a Master Coach.

Our holistic approach as a Business Success Coach considers all aspects of entrepreneurs' lives through our unique Wheel of Balance model.

This comprehensive framework evaluates and enhances interconnected areas crucial for wellbeing and business success. But we also offer the opportunity for specialization.

Gain two International Coaching Federation endorsed certifications, included in this program; empowering you to elevate your businesses and guide others to do the same.

Whether troubleshooting entrepreneurs' life's work or enhancing business leaders' fitness journeys, there's a rewarding path for you here.

Unleash your coaching expertise and make a lasting impact with your coaching concentration!


In the final two quarters you will begin internship where you can focus on launching your new coaching practice and working with real life clients! 


You have the option to complete both quarters and graduate after a year or accelerate your client attraction and graduate in 6 months once your internship client hours are complete.

More Love Notes:

As I am at the beginning of my journey in developing a coaching business and acquiring a coaching certification, there are so many unknowns and so many opportunities. As I continue to peel back the layers to decide the exact path this road will take me, I have begun to research and write content for coaching.  One of the greatest additions to my growth came from  the questionnaire I created and sent to 12 entrepreneurial CEO's of business to get insight on their journey.  The  responses were incredible. Gaining insight into the fears they encountered when they started their businesses, the challenges they faced and overcame and how they did that.  Learning their greatest superpowers and how it helped them achieve success and in contrast their kryptonite and how they overcame that. Knowing what they know now, what would they go back in time and tell themselves when they first started.  This has all proved to be invaluable insight when created instruments, observations, goals and content for my future clients.
What an incredible program - it also helped me to look at my business that I've owned and operated for 10 years and assess myself and my journey and how I can apply that to this new adventure and business to help others.
Thank you!


Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching Concentration empowers students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to guide clients towards a successful and fulfilling life. Through our comprehensive curriculum, students gain a deep understanding of personal values, strengths, and passions, enabling them to help clients overcome obstacles and align their actions with purpose. By addressing the critical aspects of life purpose and calling, our certified coaches play a vital role in helping clients achieve success and unlock their fullest potential. Join us on this transformative journey of coaching and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Enroll in the Life Coaching Concentration Here

Executive Leadership

Empower executive leaders for success. Our Executive Leadership Coaching Concentration equips students with the skills and knowledge to optimize leadership capabilities, strategic thinking, and effective communication. Drive organizational success by guiding executives to enhance their effectiveness and achieve their professional goals.

Enroll in the Executive Leadership Concentration Here


Elevate well-being through wellness coaching. Our Wellness Coaching Concentration empowers students to support clients in achieving holistic well-being, embracing healthy habits, and fostering a balanced lifestyle. Gain expertise in stress management, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and self-care practices. Help clients navigate their wellness journey and unlock their fullest potential for a fulfilling and vibrant life.

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We believe in freedom and flexibility

The world is becoming more remote and flexible each and everyday . Jump into a training program that not only trains and certifies you as a coach, but one that is skilled in showing you how to use the power of coaching to get profound results for your clients in a remote setting.  

Gone are the days of renting office space as a coach and driving hours to meet clients. You can host sessions from the comfort of your home and change lives from your living room. We will teach you how. 

Master Coach is a top globally recognized coach training school that will ensure you are prepared and skilled to create a new business and career as a coach working with entrepreneurs.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great question!

While many programs offer a short span of time for support, we know that building a coaching brand takes a personal transformation. This shift can sometimes take months before you are fully ready to implement everything that you are learning. 

For this reason, we provide all of our trainees up to 1 year of full support. Some students are complete in 4 months while others need more time, support and feedback in order to launch successfully. 

We want to reinforce the encouraging message that your success takes "as long as it takes". 

You can start marketing yourself and signing clients as a coach as soon as you enroll! 

All of the trainings are accessible from any where in the world and does not require you to be physically present. However we do have amazing add ons such as weekly LIVE coaching and inspiration sessions happening often for our students. These spaces give you the opportunity to witness live coaching, receive live coaching and network with other coaches. 

All sessions are recorded for access at a later date in the event that attendance is not possible. 

As a student we expect that you are forgiving of yourself. You are stepping into a new space and that requires patience and understanding as you navigate un-chartered territory for you.

We are here to support you and remind you that success takes time.

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