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Master Coach

Step into a once in a lifetime opportunity to become certified as a coach in two domains: 1. Business and a Concentration of your choice 2. (Life, Leadership or Wellness) by enrolling today in Master Coach.

Now is the absolute best time to take advantage of up leveling your career so that you can finally create the business you want. 

Master Coach is our Accredited Coach Training Academy that is designed to prepare you to lead a fulfilling abundant life as a certified coach (in less than 12 months)! Train at your own pace for only a few hours a week, learn top coaching strategies from the best credentialed coaches in the world and build your business with ease.

Don't be misled by attending a training program that is NOT accredited or endorsed. We are approved by the International Coaching Federation to provide this training and are here to support you on your journey of building a legitimate business as a Business, Life, Leadership and/or Wellness Coach.

Join us to learn how to generate revenue and create a lifestyle you adore as you work remotely and travel as frequently as you desire.

Our team of mentor coaches are ready and waiting for you! Sign up using this page by entering your details and completing your registration. Enrollment is open right now.

What People Are Saying:

You see so many ads for certification you never quite know. After my consultation to discuss the Master Coach program - the decision was a no brainer. I loved their energy and the way the program is setup! Only 2 months in and I’ve started working with my first client already as a business coach and have 2 others interested. It didn’t take long to start putting myself and my new title out there to start attracting the right people. Working through the program it’s become so easy to create the lead magnet and service offering my ideal client can’t say no to. Thank you so much!

Alyssa Burgoyne