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Master Coach

Legitimize Your Coaching Business Today

Take the essential steps to legitimize your coaching career with our comprehensive ICF endorsed Business Coaching Certification program. Through three transformative phases, you'll gain the necessary skills and credentials to establish yourself as a credible and respected coach in the industry.

In Phase 1, you'll delve into the science of goal achievement, laying the foundation for guiding clients towards remarkable success.

Phase 2 equips you with practical strategies for delivering exceptional results, ensuring your coaching practice makes a meaningful impact.

Finally, Phase 3 empowers you to build a profitable coaching business, supported by our network for securing contracts and placements. Join our community of dedicated professionals and take your coaching career to new heights.

What You'll Achieve:

  • Accreditation aligned with International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards, legitimizing your coaching practice.
  • Practical skills to effectively guide clients towards their goals, fostering growth and transformation.
  • Support in establishing a profitable coaching business, offering flexibility and impact in your career.

Validate Your Career Today:

Enroll now and pave the way for a successful and respected coaching career. Join a community of driven individuals, gain invaluable skills, and establish yourself as a trusted coach in the industry. With our program, you'll elevate your coaching practice to new levels of credibility and impact. Don't miss this opportunity to validate your coaching career – enroll today and embark on a journey towards professional fulfillment and success.

What People Are Saying:

You see so many ads for certification you never quite know. After my consultation to discuss the Master Coach program - the decision was a no brainer. I loved their energy and the way the program is setup! Only 2 months in and I’ve started working with my first client already as a business coach and have 2 others interested. It didn’t take long to start putting myself and my new title out there to start attracting the right people. Working through the program it’s become so easy to create the lead magnet and service offering my ideal client can’t say no to. Thank you so much!

Alyssa Burgoyne